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The CyberKnife System Benefits of CyberKnife Treatement Process Case Studies

CyberKnife® Benefits

▲ Extremely accurate radiation targeting means a biologically ablative dose of radiation can be used, offering the patient a better chance for a cure
▲ No invasive head frame or other rigid immobilization device is required
▲ The ability to perform radiosurgery (1-5 fractions) on targets throughout the body, not just the brain
▲ Precise targeting (within 1 mm) of selected lesions
in the brain and body
▲ A unique ability to provide real time monitoring of the treated target throughout treatment using an advanced image-guidance system
▲ Continually checks and compensates for any movement made during treatments, ensuring accuracy
▲ The capacity to perform fractionated radiosurgery
▲ Eliminates risks related to surgery, including potential infection, complication from anesthesia and post-operative bleeding
▲ Requires no recovery time. Treatments are done on an outpatient basis
▲ Patients undergo their treatment and immediately resume normal daily activities
▲ Painless treatment
▲ Requires minimal or no sedation
▲ No Incisions
▲ Low risk of complications
▲ Improved quality of life

Exclusive NDC CyberKnife Benefits Include:

▲ More years of experience than any other facility in the world, except Stanford University where it was developed
▲ Professional and qualified CyberKnife Team
▲ State-of-the-art technology, utilizing the latest advancements
▲ Caring, compassionate staff
▲ Convenient non-hospital setting
▲ Dedicated CyberKnife suite