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CyberKnife® Explained by Our Experts

How did the CyberKnife Program start at Newport Diagnostic?

What advantages does the new Cyberknife bring to patients and referring physicians?

How is CyberKnife different from other treatment systems?

What makes CyberKnife unique?

Is the CyberKnife accurate?

Why should patients choose the CyberKnife at Newport Diagnostic Center?

How are patients selected and what happens during the treatment process?

Am I a candidate for treatment?

Can you describe the treatment process?

How long does a single treatment last?

How many treatments will I need?

What has been most rewarding about this program?

What interesting cases have you treated with CyberKnife?

This is NDC's 2nd CyberKnife, why was there a need to get a new system?

What are some of the emerging applications of CyberKnife?