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Although treatment of pancreatic cancer remains challenging and unfortunately, palliation rather than cure is often the goad, a single CyberKnife® treatment or a short series of CyberKnife treatments represents an efficient and effective treatment option.

CyberKnife’s precision enables the delivery of high and effective radiation doses while avoiding the morbidity risks associated with surgery. It also greatly shortens the treatment time compared with standard radiotherapy approaches and minimizes the exposure and related risks to surrounding normal abdominal tissues. Due to its superior adjacent tissue surgery sparing characteristics, the CyberKnife may be used as an adjunct with other modalities such as chemotherapy and surgery, thus allowing a more aggressive multi-disciplinary approach.

In a promising dose escalation trial conducted by the CyberKnife team at Stanford for newly diagnosed pancreatic patients, an impressive 100% local control and absence of grade III GI toxicity was achieved with single fraction radiosurgery. While other protocol trials have demonstrated mixed results, further study of the CyberKnife treatment in combination with other modalities such as chemotherapy.