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The substantial radiation dose escalation allowed by the CyberKnife® to treat liver tumors or lesions translates to a radiobiologic potency greater than double that of conventional radiation therapy approaches. This brings a new nonsurgical liver tumor ablation method that is more precise and powerful than traditional radiotherapy, and less invasive than resection, radiofrequency ablation or cryosurgery.

The CyberKnife offers a potent new treatment alternative for patients with primary liver tumors, such as hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and cholangiocarcinoma, or liver metastases. The unique geometry of the CyberKnife treatment delivery system, and the target tracking capability of the CyberKnife Synchrony® respiratory tracking feature, distinctive in its ability to precisely follow the hepatic target lesion as it moves with respiration, enables radiation conformality around the tumor volume with near surgical precision.

Applications in liver treatment:
▲ An aggressive “bridge therapy” to HCC patients awaiting transplantation
▲ As primary therapy for patients with liver tumors who are not surgical candidates
▲ As a radiobiological ablative form of radiation against liver metastases
▲ When used appropriately and with careful planning, can be directed against selected cholangiocarcinoma lesions